Mobile exhibition walls

Mobile exhibition walls

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Mobile exhibition walls are our core business. For years, our expertise has been in the area of mobile exhibition walls, which are quick and easy to assemble by yourself. From small promotional walls to professional exhibition stands, we offer our customers sophisticated and mobile system solutions that not only ensure the highest quality, but are also offered by us at an attractive price-performance ratio. Our product range is so diverse that the right mobile exhibition wall is available for every budget. Whether you are just starting out presenting at a trade show or are an experienced exhibitor, we have the right solution to suit your needs and budget. We attach great importance to not only offering high-quality products, but also a comprehensive service that ensures that your trade fair presentation is a complete success. Our mobile exhibition walls are characterized not only by their quality, flexibility, appearance and variety, but also by their modularity. The individual exhibition walls can be connected to form a complete exhibition stand. Depending on the stand space, the exhibition walls can be arranged differently to each other. Whether you are looking for easily transportable promotional walls for temporary events or comprehensive exhibition stand solutions for larger events, we have the right answer for your needs.

Our mobile exhibition stands consist of different system structures. Easy-to-assemble pipe systems are possible that are simply plugged together for assembly, as is possible with our ZippWall exhibition wall. Or modular plug-in systems with flexible connection links like our bendable ISOframe Wave exhibition wall. The popular pop-up folding displays are also part of our program. These can be unfolded as a complete small promotional stand. The most innovative and currently most popular exhibition wall solution are illuminated walls made of aluminum or plastic profiles, which are simply put together to assemble (no tools required, of course). There are already installed LEDs in the profiles. Brilliantly printed textile slides on both sides are clamped into the illuminated frames, which are equipped with feet. Our attention-grabbing LED exhibition walls are available in many sizes and designs. They are an unmistakable eye-catcher at every trade fair and event. An important criterion for quality is that the entire individual graphic display for the mobile exhibition walls is produced in our in-house print shop. Depending on the system, we print your data onto textile, slide or magnetic panel material. All models can be built by a single person. This can be done within a short period of time even by laypeople. Detailed assembly instructions are included or can be seen as a video on our YouTube channel. We present the most popular mobile exhibition walls on this page.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our diverse mobile exhibition solutions. You have the option of contacting us by telephone at +49 (0) 69 756080-0, where our competent team can provide you with detailed information about our products. But that's not all - we cordially invite you to visit our showroom to gain an even deeper insight into the quality and versatility of our exhibition walls. In our showroom you not only have the opportunity to see for yourself the first-class quality of our exhibition walls, but also to test the practical assembly and dismantling. For problem-free use at trade fairs, handling and functionality are just as important as aesthetics. That's why we offer you the opportunity to lend a hand and experience the construction yourself. Another advantage of a showroom visit is the opportunity to examine the different materials used to cover our mobile exhibition walls. This allows you to assess not only the look but also the feel of the materials and ensure that they fit your brand image perfectly. To make your visit as pleasant as possible, there are sufficient parking spaces available. We want to ensure that you can explore all aspects of our mobile trade fair solutions in a relaxed environment. Your visit to our showroom will be an informative and inspiring experience that will help you choose the optimal solution for your trade fair presentation.


Mobile LED exhibition walls

Mobile LED exhibition walls

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With an illuminated exhibition wall, your stand will be unmissable because it will capture the attention of your trade fair visitors and stand out from the crowd of competitors. Present your products and services with an impressive LED exhibition wall. In our program you will find many mobile LED exhibition walls that can be individually tailored to your trade fair use and were designed especially for exhibitors who want to set up and transport their exhibition stand themselves. Our mobile LED exhibition walls are available in different sizes and can be connected to one another without any joints. To complete your illuminated exhibition stand, we of course also offer LED exhibition counters.

Mobile Messewand ZippWall


It couldn't be easier: ZippWalls are easy to set up and ultra-light to transport. They are available in straight and curved shapes and in a number of sizes.

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ZippWall back walls impress with their irresistible price-performance ratio, which makes every event unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness. ZippWalls are available in sizes from 100 cm wide to 600 cm wide - always with a height of 230 cm. The easy-to-assemble system frame can be assembled even by inexperienced exhibitors and covered with single- or double-sided printing. Available with a straight or curved system structure, a ZippWall exhibition wall is suitable for many purposes: as a back wall for video conferences, room dividers, exhibition walls, green screen walls or double-sided press walls.

Mobile exhibition wall ISOframe Wave

All-rounder ISOframe Wave

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The ISOframe Wave is an exhibition wall that is characterized by its flexibility and modularity. ISOframe Wave exhibition walls can be easily adapted to different exhibition sizes and shapes. The special design allows curves and waves to be integrated into the exhibition stand, ensuring a unique and attractive presentation. The entire system structure can be stowed in small pieces in rolling cases, cases, bags and trolleys and is therefore 100% suitable for mobile use. An ISOframe exhibition wall is a modern solution for companies that want to impress at trade fairs and events with a dynamic and eye-catching appearance.

Mobile exhibition wall - PopUp wall

PopUp folding walls

The classic among mobile exhibition walls. Set up in no time and the transport case becomes a practical exhibition counter.

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A folding display is a versatile and mobile presentation solution that is primarily used at trade fairs, exhibitions and events. The basic structure of the system consists of a foldable scissor gate made of lightweight aluminum that can be easily unfolded and folded. The covering of the PopUp wall consists of either printed graphic strips or fabric and can be individually designed. Thanks to its easy handling, a folding display enables quick assembly and dismantling times. Thanks to its compact design, the system can be folded up and stored in a solid rolling case, which, equipped with a counter top and graphic band, can also be used as a counter.

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